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Link Generated Code to Requirements

Link generated code to model element requirements. Using configuration parameters, you can specify whether to include requirement descriptions as comments in the generated code.

Open Model

Open the rtwdemo_requirements model. The model contains Simulink® and Stateflow® elements with associated requirements.


View Requirements

You can view requirements linked to the model by using the Requirements Editor. In the Simulink Editor, open the Requirements Manager app. On the Requirements tab, click Requirements Editor. You can view requirements specific to model objects by using the object context menu. Right-click an element and select Requirements > Open Outgoing Links dialog. To view the requirements, use these commands:

1. To view the requirements for the DiscretePulseGenerator block, right-click the DiscretePulseGenerator block and select Requirements > Open Outgoing Links dialog to open Outgoing Links Editor. Using Outgoing Links Editor, you can create, edit, and delete requirements traceability links.


2. To view the requirements, open the Signal Builder block by double-clicking it.

sigbblock='rtwdemo_requirements/Signal Builder';

3. To view the requirements for the Stateflow® state, open the Outgoing Links Editor.


4. To view the requirements for the Stateflow transition, open the Outgoing Links Editor.


5. To view the requirements for the Stateflow function, open the Outgoing Links Editor.


Close the open windows.


Set Configuration Parameters

Open the Configuration Parameters dialog box Code Generation > Comments pane. View the configuration parameter settings.

model = bdroot;
configSet = getActiveConfigSet(model);

Generate Code

Generate code for the model.

### Starting build procedure for: rtwdemo_requirements
### Successful completion of build procedure for: rtwdemo_requirements

Build Summary

Top model targets built:

Model                 Action                       Rebuild Reason                                    
rtwdemo_requirements  Code generated and compiled  Code generation information file does not exist.  

1 of 1 models built (0 models already up to date)
Build duration: 0h 0m 17.759s

In the generated code, view the comments containing the requirements. To view all the requirements, click the hyperlinked requirement comment.

    '/* Function for Chart:','return result;',1,0);
/* Function for Chart: '<Root>/rebound_elimination' */
static real_T rebound_fcn(real_T prev_in, real_T prev_out, real_T curr_in)
  real_T result;

  /* Graphical Function 'rebound_fcn': '<S2>:2':
   *  1. Result Computation
  /* Transition: '<S2>:4' */
  if (prev_in == curr_in) {
    /* Transition: '<S2>:5' */
    result = curr_in;
  } else {
    /* Transition: '<S2>:6' */
    /* Transition: '<S2>:7' */
    result = prev_out;

Close Model


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