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Target Language Compiler Library Functions Overview

There are several library functions that provide access to block inputs, outputs, parameters, sample times, and other information. It is recommended that you use these library functions to access many of the parameter name/parameter values pairs in the block record, as opposed to accessing the parameter name/parameter value pairs directly from your block TLC code.

The library functions simplify block TLC code and provide support for loop rolling, data types, and complex data. The functions also provide a layer to protect against changes that can occur to the contents of the model.rtw file.

An exception to using these functions is when you access parameter settings for a block. Parameter settings can be written out using the mdlRTW function of a C MEX S-function. They can contain data in the form of strings, scalar values, vectors, and matrices. They can be used to pass fixed values and information that is used to alter the generated code for a block or directly as values in the resulting code of a block. For more information about this exception, see Exception to Using the Library Functions that Access model.rtw.

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