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Get Started with Financial Instruments Toolbox

Design, price, and hedge complex financial instruments

Financial Instruments Toolbox™ provides functions for pricing, modeling, hedging, and analyzing cash flows, fixed-income securities, and derivative instruments (including equity, interest-rate, credit, and energy instruments). For interest-rate instruments, you can calculate price, yield, spread, and sensitivity values for various instrument types, including convertible bonds, mortgage-backed securities, treasury bills, bonds, swaps, caps, floors, and floating-rate notes. For derivative instruments, you can compute price, implied volatility, and Greeks using binomial trees, trinomial trees, Shifted SABR, Heston, Monte Carlo simulation, and other models. You can also connect to Numerix® CrossAsset Integration Layer for the valuation and risk management of fixed-income securities, OTC derivatives, structured products, and variable annuity products.


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