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Instrumentation and Visualization in Simulink

Collect simulation data and statistics, use visualizations to explore your designs in Simulink®

Use visualizations in the Fixed-Point Tool to further explore and analyze your designs. You can also use data type override settings to share and edit a model containing fixed-point blocks without the Fixed-Point Designer™ software.


Sharing Fixed-Point Models

Data type override settings for sharing and editing a model containing fixed-point blocks without the Fixed-Point Designer software.

Fixed-Point Instrumentation and Data Type Override

Fixed-point instrumentation and data type override settings for gathering range information on your model.

Use Custom Data Type Override Settings for Range Collection

Specify custom data type override settings for range collection with the Fixed-Point Tool.

Choosing a Range Collection Method

Choose from three methods for collecting ranges on which to base data type proposals.

Control Views in the Fixed-Point Tool

Information filtering, sorting, and analysis in the Fixed-Point Tool.

Use the Fixed-Point Tool to Explore Numerical Behavior

Example showing how to use the Fixed-Point Tool to compare floating-point and fixed-point data types.

View Simulation Results

Use the Simulation Data Inspector to view simulation results and compare runs to verify your fixed-point design.

Prevent the Fixed-Point Tool from Overriding Integer Data Types

Maintain integer data types in your model when using data type override.