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Display Range tool


Use the imdisplayrange function to create a Display Range tool. The Display Range tool shows the display range of the grayscale image or images in the figure.


imdisplayrange creates a Display Range tool in the current figure.

imdisplayrange(h) creates a Display Range tool in the figure specified by the handle h.

imdisplayrange(hparent,himage) creates a Display Range tool in hparent that shows the display range of himage.

htool = imdisplayrange(___) returns a handle to the Display Range tool uipanel.


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Display an image and include the Display Range tool.


Import a 16-bit DICOM image and display it with its default range and scaled range in the same figure.

dcm = dicomread('CT-MONO2-16-ankle.dcm');
subplot(1,2,1), imshow(dcm);
subplot(1,2,2), imshow(dcm,[]);

Input Arguments

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Handle to a figure, axes, uipanel, or image graphics object, specified as a handle. Axes, uipanel, or figure objects must contain at least one image object.

Handle to a figure or uipanel object that contains the Display Range tool, specified as a handle.

Handle to one or more images, specified as a handle or an array of image handles.

Output Arguments

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Handle to Display Range tool uipanel, returned as a handle.


  • The Display Range tool is a uipanel object, positioned in the lower-right corner of the figure. It contains the label Display range: followed by the display range values for the image.

  • For an indexed, truecolor, or binary image, the display range is not applicable and is set to empty ([]).

  • The Display Range tool can work with multiple images in a figure. When the pointer is not in an image in a figure, the Display Range tool displays [black white].

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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