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Pixel Information tool without text label


Use the impixelinfoval function to create a Pixel Information tool without the Pixel info: text label. The Pixel Information tool displays information about the pixel in an image that the pointer is positioned over. If the figure contains multiple images, the tool displays pixel information for all the images. The information displayed depends on the image type. See impixelinfo for more details about using the Pixel Information tool.

htool = impixelinfoval(hparent,himage) creates a Pixel Information tool in hparent that provides information about the pixels in himage.


Add Pixel Information Tool Without Text Label

Add a Pixel Information tool to a figure, excluding the text label. Note how you can change the style and size of the font used to display the value in the tool using standard graphics object properties.

ankle = dicomread('CT-MONO2-16-ankle.dcm');
h = imshow(ankle,[]);
hText = impixelinfoval(gcf,h);

Input Arguments

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Handle to a figure or uipanel object that contains the Pixel Information tool, specified as a handle.

Handle to one or more images, specified as a handle or an array of image handles.

Output Arguments

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Handle to Pixel Information tool uipanel, returned as a handle.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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