Opening the Image Acquisition Toolbox Block Library

Using the imaqlib Command

To open the Image Acquisition Toolbox™ block library, enter


at the MATLAB® prompt. MATLAB displays the contents of the library in a separate window.

Using the Simulink Library Browser

To open the Image Acquisition Toolbox block library, start the Simulink® Library Browser and select the library from the list of available block libraries. You need to open a model to access the block library.

To start Simulink and create a new model, enter the following at the MATLAB command prompt:


In the Simulink start page, click Blank Model, and then Create Model. An empty, Editor window opens.

In the model Editor window, click the Library Browser button or click View > Library Browser.

The Simulink Library Browser opens. Its left pane contains a tree of available block libraries in alphabetical order. Click the Image Acquisition Toolbox node.

To use a block, add it to an existing model or create a new model.