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Get Started with Instrument Control Toolbox

Control test and measurement instruments and communicate with computer peripherals

Instrument Control Toolbox™ lets you connect MATLAB® directly to instruments such as oscilloscopes, function generators, signal analyzers, signal generators, power supplies, and analytical instruments. The toolbox connects to instruments via instrument drivers such as IVI and VXIplug&play or via text-based SCPI commands over commonly used communication protocols such as VISA, GPIB, TCP/IP, and UDP. You can also control and acquire data from test equipment without writing code.

With Instrument Control Toolbox, you can automate tests, verify hardware designs, and build 5G, WLAN, Bluetooth®, satellite, and Radar test systems. These test systems can be based on LXI, PXI, and AXIe standards.

The toolbox provides built-in support for UDP, TCP/IP, I2C, and SPI protocols for remote communication with other computers and printed circuit boards (PCBs) from MATLAB.

Installation and Configuration


  • Examining Your Hardware Resources

    Return hardware-related information visible to the toolbox, including the installed adaptors and the syntax for creating instrument objects.

  • Communicate with Your Instrument

    Examples that show you how to communicate with instruments that support the GPIB, GPIB-VXI, and serial port interfaces.