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Highlight Specific Contour Levels

This example shows how to highlight contours at particular levels.

Define Z as the matrix returned from the peaks function.

Z = peaks(100);

Round the minimum and maximum data values in Z and store these values in zmin and zmax, respectively. Define zlevs as 40 values between zmin and zmax.

zmin = floor(min(Z(:))); 
zmax = ceil(max(Z(:)));
zinc = (zmax - zmin) / 40;
zlevs = zmin:zinc:zmax;

Plot the contour lines.


Figure contains an axes. The axes contains an object of type contour.

Define zindex as a vector of integer values between zmin and zmax indexed by 2.

zindex = zmin:2:zmax;

Retain the previous contour plot. Create a second contour plot and use zindex to highlight contour lines at every other integer value. Set the line width to 2.

hold on
hold off

Figure contains an axes. The axes contains 2 objects of type contour.

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