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Geographic Plots

Visualize data on maps

Visualize latitude and longitude data over interactive maps using geographic plots. Create line, scatter, point density, and bubble plots over maps by specifying coordinates, and customize the map imagery using basemaps.


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geoplotPlot line in geographic coordinates
geoscatterScatter chart in geographic coordinates
geobubbleVisualize data values at specific geographic locations
geodensityplotGeographic density plot
geobasemapSet or query basemap
geolimitsSet or query geographic limits
geoaxesCreate geographic axes
geotickformatSet or query geographic tick label format
addToolbarMapButtonAdd map button to toolbar
removeToolbarMapButtonRemove map button from toolbar


GeographicAxes PropertiesControl geographic axes appearance and behavior
GeographicBubbleChart PropertiesControl geographic bubble chart appearance and behavior
GeographicRuler PropertiesControl appearance and behavior of axis with geographic values
GeographicScalebar Properties Control appearance and behavior of scale bar in geographic axes
DensityPlot PropertiesControl appearance and behavior of density plot


Geographic Plots

Create Maps Using Latitude and Longitude Data

If you have data that is associated with specific geographic locations, use a geographic axes or chart to visualize your data on a map and provide visual context.

Pan and Zoom Behavior in Geographic Axes and Charts

The geographic axes and charts plot data over a map. You can pan and zoom in and out on the map.

Specify Map Limits with Geographic Axes

You can change the latitude and longitude limits of the map in a geographic axes or chart programmatically using the geolimits function.

Customize Layout of Geographic Axes

Customize the layout of a geographic axes by modifying its properties.


Access Basemaps for Geographic Axes and Charts

Geographic axes and charts plot data over a basemap. You can download some of these basemaps and install them on your local system.

Geographic Density Plots

View Cyclone Track Data in Geographic Density Plot

This example shows how to view cyclone tracking data in a geographic density plot.

View Density of Cellular Tower Placement

This example shows how to use a geographic density plot to view the density of cellular tower placement in California.


Deploy Geographic Axes and Charts

You can deploy a MATLAB® application that uses a geographic axes or chart.