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Create MAT-File in C or C++

Create MAT-File in C

The matcreat.c example illustrates how to use the library routines to create a MAT-file that you can load into the MATLAB® workspace. The program also demonstrates how to check the return values of MAT-file function calls for read or write failures. To see the code, open the file in MATLAB Editor.

After building the program, run the application. This program creates mattest.mat, a MAT-file that you can load into MATLAB. To run the application, depending on your platform, either double-click its icon or enter matcreat at the system prompt:

Creating file mattest.mat...

To verify the MAT-file, at the MATLAB command prompt, type:

whos -file mattest.mat
  Name               Size         Bytes  Class

  GlobalDouble       3x3             72  double array (global)
  LocalDouble        3x3             72  double array
  LocalString        1x43            86  char array

Grand total is 61 elements using 230 bytes

Create MAT-File in C++

The C++ version of matcreat.c is matcreat.cpp. Open the file in MATLAB Editor.

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