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Insert Spreadsheet After First Sheet

This example shows how to skip an optional input argument in the Excel® Add method, used to insert a sheet into a workbook. For information about the Sheets Add method, refer to Microsoft® Excel documentation.

The Add method has the following optional input arguments:

  • Before — The sheet before which to add the new sheet

  • After — The sheet after which to add the new sheet

  • Count — The total number of sheets to add

  • Type — The type of sheet to add

e = actxserver('Excel.Application');
e.Visible = 1;

Create a collection of the default sheets in the workbook.

eSheets = e.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets;

Insert a sheet after the first item in the collection, eSheet1.

eSheet1 = Item(eSheets,1);
eNewSheet = Add(eSheets,[],eSheet1);

To call Add with the After argument, omit the first argument, Before, by using an empty array [] in its place.

Open the workbook and notice Sheet4.

Close the spreadsheet.

Close the application.


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