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Manage Cookies

The HTTP interface provides classes for you to manage cookies in HTTP messages. For information about cookies, see RFC 6265 HTTP State Management Mechanism.

The Cookie class contains the name and value of the cookie. For example, display the properties of a Cookie object C.

 C = 
  Cookie with properties:

     Name: "JSESSIONID"
    Value: "688412d8ed1cdf15f4a736dc6ab3"

The CookieInfo class contains the cookie and its attributes. The attributes are the properties of the CookieInfo object. For example, info is a CookieInfo object containing cookie C.

ans =

Display attributes of the cookie.

ans = 
   Sun, 26 Mar 2084 17:15:30 GMT
ans = 
   Tue, 07 Jun 2016 09:38:56 GMT

A server returns cookies in a response message using a SetCookieField object. To get a CookieInfo object, call the SetCookieField.convert method.

To send a cookie to the server, add a CookieField object to a request message.

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