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Send Multipart Form Messages

The following code sends one file in a PUT message.

provider = FileProvider('dir/imageFile.jpg');
req = RequestMessage(PUT,[],provider);
resp = req.send(url);

The provider sets the appropriate Content-Type header field in the request message to the type of file derived from the file name extension, and adds a Content-Disposition field naming the file. In this example, the values are "image/jpeg" with file name "imageFile.jpg".

To upload multiple files in a "multipart/mixed" message, possibly of different types, create an array of FileProviders by specifying an array of file names and use this array as a delegate to a MultipartProvider. In the following code, each header of the multipart message contains a Content-Type field and a Content-Disposition field with a file name attribute naming the file.

url = "";
provider = MultipartProvider(FileProvider(["image1.jpg", "file1.txt"]));
req = RequestMessage(PUT, [], provider);
resp = req.send(url);

In practice, most servers that accept multipart content expect it to be of type "multipart/form-data", not "multipart/mixed". To send files using multipart forms, use a MultipartFormProvider. That provider requires you to know the control names for the various fields of the form, so that each part is associated with the correct control. For example, to send a form with controls called "files" and "text", where the first accepts multiple files and the second accepts just one, create a provider based on the following code:

provider = MultipartFormProvider("files", FileProvider(["image1.jpg", "file1.txt"]),...
    "text", FileProvider("file1.txt"));

If a server requires multiple files specified by using a nested format, use the following code pattern:

provider = MultipartFormProvider("files", MultipartProvider(FileProvider(["image1.jpg", "file1.txt"])),...
    "text", FileProvider("file1.txt"));