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Construct and Work with Object Arrays

Object array construction and concatenation; heterogeneous arrays

Construct object arrays, reference objects and their properties from arrays, and design class hierarchies that support the formation of heterogeneous (mixed class) arrays.


createArrayCreate array of specified class and value (Since R2024a)
emptyCreate empty array of specified class


matlab.mixin.HeterogeneousSuperclass for heterogeneous array formation


Build and Access Object Arrays

Concatenating Arrays

Class Conversions

  • Implicit Class Conversion
    MATLAB can implicitly convert objects to a different class for concatenation, subscripted assignment, property validation, and argument validation.
  • Object Converters
    You can convert an object of one class to an object of another class.

Heterogeneous Arrays

  • Designing Heterogeneous Class Hierarchies
    Heterogeneous arrays can contain objects of different class, but all objects in the array must derive from a common superclass.
  • Heterogeneous Array Constructors
    The class of a heterogeneous object array can change as you add array elements of different classes. You must ensure that constructors return objects that are the same class as the class defining the constructor.