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Current Folder Browser

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The Current Folder browser enables you to interactively manage files and folders in MATLAB®. Use the Current Folder browser to view, create, open, move, and rename files and folders in the current folder.

Current Folder browser showing a list of files with a column for the filename and a column for the file type

Open the Current Folder Browser

To open the Current Folder browser if it is not currently visible, on the Home tab, in the Environment section, click Layout. Then, in the Show section, select Current Folder.

In MATLAB Online™, the Current Folder browser is called the Files panel. To show or hide the Files panel, click its icon in the sidebar. To open the Files panel if it is not currently in the left or right sidebar, go to the Home tab, and in the Environment section, click Layout. Then, under Layout Options, select Files.


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Create a new live script in the current folder.

In the Current Folder browser, right-click in white space, and then select New > Live Script.

Current Folder browser with the context menu open and the New > Live Script option selected

MATLAB creates and selects a live script named Untitledn.mlx in the current folder.

Enter a name for the live script and press Enter. For example, type myLiveScript and then press Enter. MATLAB renames the live script to myLiveScript.mlx

Programmatic Use

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filebrowser opens the Current Folder browser. If the Current Folder browser is already open, MATLAB selects the tool.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a