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matlab.appdesigner Settings

App Designer settings, including canvas editor and component browser settings

You can customize App Designer using the matlab.appdesigner settings. Access matlab.appdesigner settings using the root SettingsGroup object returned by the settings function. For example, set the temporary value for resizing hints to 1 (where the default is 0) to show resizing hints in the canvas.

s = settings;
s.matlab.appdesigner.designview.ShowResizingHints.TemporaryValue = 1

For more information about settings, see Access and Modify Settings.


Autosave app on click away, specified as a 1 or 0.

Set to 1 to automatically saves changes to an app when you click away from it to switch between apps or to bring another window into focus. If an app has not already been saved at least once, autosave has no effect.

Example: s.matlab.appdesigner.compbrowser.AutoSaveOnClickAway.TemporaryValue = 1


Include component labels in the Component Browser, specified as a 1 or 0.

Set to 1 to display labels that are grouped with components as separate items in the Component Browser. Otherwise, those labels do not appear in the Component Browser.

Example: s.matlab.appdesigner.compbrowser.IncludeComponentLabels.TemporaryValue = 1


Number of recent apps to display in the Designer tab Open menu, specified as a positive integer between 0 and 12. The default value is 8.

Example: s.matlab.appdesigner.compbrowser.MaxFileListSize.TemporaryValue = 6


Show the grid, specified as 1 or 0.

Set to 1 to overlay a grid onto the canvas as an alignment aid.

Example: s.matlab.appdesigner.designview.ShowGrid.TemporaryValue = 1

Grid spacing interval in pixels, specified as a positive integer between 10 and 50.

ShowGrid must be set to 1 to see the change in grid spacing.

Example: s.matlab.appdesigner.designview.GridInterval.TemporaryValue = 6

Snap components to the grid, specified as 1 or 0.

Set to 1 to have the upper left corner of a component always snap to the intersection of two grid lines whenever you resize or move the component on the canvas. ShowGrid must be set to 1 in order for components to snap to the grid.

Example: s.matlab.appdesigner.designview.SnapToGrid.TemporaryValue = 0

Show alignment hints, specified as 1 or 0.

Set to 1 to display alignment hints as you resize or move a component on the canvas.

Example: s.matlab.appdesigner.designview.ShowAlignmentHints.TemporaryValue = 0

Show resizing hints, specified as 1 or 0.

Set to 1 to display the size of a component as you resize it on the canvas.

Example: s.matlab.appdesigner.designview.ShowResizingHints.TemporaryValue = 1

Version History

Introduced in R2018a