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matlab.general Settings

General settings including MAT-file and random number settings

You can customize MATLAB® using the matlab.general settings. Access matlab.general settings using the root SettingsGroup object returned by the settings function. For example, set the temporary value for the MAT-file save format to 'v7.3' (where the default is 'v7').

s = settings;
s.matlab.general.matfile.SaveFormat.TemporaryValue = 'v7.3'

For more information about settings, see Access and Modify Settings.


MAT-File version to save MAT-files to, specified as 'v7.3', 'v7', or 'v6'.

For more information about MAT-file versions, see MAT-File Versions.

Example: s.matlab.general.matfile.SaveFormat.TemporaryValue = 'v7.3'

Enable compression by default, specified as a numeric or logical 1 (true) or 0 (false). Specify true to turn on compression by default or false to turn off compression by default. You can use this setting with MAT-File versions 7 and 7.3.

Example: s.matlab.general.matfile.EnableCompression.TemporaryValue = true


Since R2023b

Default algorithm for random number generation, specified as 'twister', 'simdTwister', 'combRecursive', 'multFibonacci', 'threefry', or 'philox'.

For more information about random number generation, see rng.

Example: s.matlab.general.randomnumbers.DefaultAlgorithm.PersonalValue = 'threefry'

Since R2023b

Default seed used for random number generation, specified as a nonnegative integer less than 2^32.

Example: s.matlab.general.randomnumbers.DefaultSeed.PersonalValue = 3

Since R2023b

Option to automatically collapse windows in MATLAB Online, specified as a numeric or logical 1 (true) or 0 (false).

Collapsed windows are reduced to their title bars.

Title bar with title and window management buttons

By default, when you click the MATLAB background, open windows in the foreground collapse. To restore the collapsed windows, click one of the previously open windows.

Specify false to disable the automatic collapse.

Example: = false

Version History

Introduced in R2018a

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