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Convert arrays in HTTP queries


Use an ArrayFormat enumeration with the class to control the format used to convert query values representing multiple values.

Enumeration Member NameDescription

Format that generates a comma-separated list, such as parm=1,2,3


Format that generates a JSON-like array, such as parm=[1,2,3]


Format that generates a name with brackets and multiple values, such as parm[]=1&[]=2&[]=3


Format that generates repeating name/value pairs, such as parm=1&=2&=3

A query value is considered to contain multiple values when it is one of the following:

  • Nonscalar number, string, logical, or datetime (Each element is a value.)

  • m-by-n character array, where each row is interpreted as a string

  • Cell vector, where each element is a value

Query values, except for character arrays, with more than one dimension are not supported. In cell vectors, each element must be a scalar or character vector.



Introduced in R2016b