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Summary of header field classes in MATLAB HTTP interface



AcceptFieldHTTP Accept header field
AuthenticateFieldHTTP WWW-Authenticate or Proxy-Authenticate header field
AuthenticationInfoFieldHTTP Authentication-Info header field in response message
AuthorizationFieldHTTP Authorization or Proxy-Authorization header field
ContentDispositionFieldHTTP Content-Disposition header field
ContentLengthFieldHTTP Content-Length field
ContentLocationFieldHTTP Content-Location header field
ContentTypeFieldHTTP Content-Type header field
CookieFieldHTTP Cookie header field
DateFieldHTTP Date header field
GenericFieldHTTP header field with any name and value
GenericParameterizedFieldGenericField to support parameterized syntax
HTTPDateFieldHTTP header field containing date
IntegerFieldBase class for HTTP header fields containing nonnegative integers
LocationFieldHTTP Location header field
MediaRangeFieldBase class for HTTP Content-Type and Accept header fields
SetCookieFieldHTTP Set-Cookie header field
URIReferenceFieldBase class for HTTP header fields containing URI components

Introduced in R2016b