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Camera Views

Viewpoint positioning

Change the camera view in a scene to alter the angle, distance, and perspective from which it is viewed.


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viewCamera line of sight
rotateRotate object about specified origin and direction
makehgtformCreate 4-by-4 transform matrix
viewmtxView transformation matrices
cameratoolbarControl camera toolbar programmatically
campanRotate camera target around camera position
camzoomZoom in and out on scene
camdollyMove camera position and target
camlookatPosition camera to view object or group of objects
camorbitRotate camera position around camera target
camposSet or query camera position
camprojSet or query projection type
camrollRotate camera about view axis
camtargetSet or query location of camera target
camupSet or query camera up vector
camvaSet or query camera view angle


Axes Properties Axes appearance and behavior


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