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Automatically grade MATLAB code in any learning environment

MATLAB® Grader™ is a browser-based authoring environment for creating and sharing MATLAB coding problems and assessments. Create interactive course assignments, automatically grade student work and provide feedback, and run your assignments in any learning environment. To learn more, visit the MATLAB Grader product page.

Instructors and content authors, review the Requirements for Using MATLAB Grader for important information about licenses, supported browsers, and supported languages.

Create Courses and Coding Problems

Instructors: Develop content for MATLAB Grader and LMS courses

Integrate MATLAB Grader with an LMS

LMS Administrators and Instructors: Add MATLAB Grader to your learning management system (LMS) using LTI, add MATLAB Grader to LMS courses, monitor progress in an LMS course

Submit Solutions to Assigned Coding Problems

Learners: Submit solutions to MATLAB coding problems assigned by your instructor