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Teaching and Learning

Build engineering and science skills using MathWorks® products

Teaching and learning tools at MathWorks are designed to support individual faculty teaching with MATLAB® and Simulink® in universities, colleges, and community colleges.

When your goal is to teach engineering and science skills using MathWorks products, our teaching and learning applications can help you achieve your objectives in any learning environment, including in-classroom, virtual, and hybrid programs.

With these applications, you can:

  • Track learner progress and completion.

  • Create interactive course assignments.

  • Assess learner skills automatically.


Track Learner Progress in Online Courses

  • Invite Learners to Share Progress (MATLAB and Simulink Online Courses)
    Monitor course completion by inviting learners to share their course progress and certificate.
  • Track Learner Progress (MATLAB and Simulink Online Courses)
    Use the shared progress page to see how your learners are progressing.

Create Assessment Items for Skills Evaluation