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Design and implement motor control algorithms

Motor Control Blockset™ provides Simulink® blocks and reference examples for developing and deploying motor control algorithms as optimized C and HDL code on target microcontrollers, FPGAs, or systems-on-chip (SoC). Build motor control algorithms with Clarke and Park transform, Maximum Torque Per Ampere (MTPA), six-step commutation, and lookup table (LUT)-based field weakening control blocks. You can process signals from encoders, hall sensors, and resolvers with sensor decoder blocks or implement sensorless control with estimator blocks to compute rotor position and speed. The blocks generate code that you can use in workflows involving MISRA C™ and ISO® 26262 functional safety standards.

Reference examples included in Motor Control Blockset help you understand how to develop, tune, and validate motor control algorithms using desktop and real-time simulation. Examples include algorithms for closed-loop motor control for induction motors, switched reluctance motors (SRM), synchronous motors like brushless DC motors (BLDC), and surface-mount and interior permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). You can reuse the same algorithms to generate production-ready, compact, and traceable fixed- or floating-point code. You can also use the reference examples to implement algorithms for motor control hardware kits supported by the blockset.


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