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Run command on client and on all workers in parallel pool



    pctRunOnAll command runs the specified command on all the workers in the parallel pool and on the client. The function also prints any command-line output in the client Command Window. The specified command runs in the workspace of the workers and does not return any variables. Use this function to perform any setup changes on all the workers in the parallel pool and the client.


    If you use pctRunOnAll to run commands that modify the MATLAB® search path in a mixed-platform environment, the commands can generate a warning on the client while executing properly on the workers. For example, if your workers are all running on a Linux® operating system and your client is running on a Microsoft® Windows® operating system, an addpath command with Linux-compatible paths warns on the Windows-based client.


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    Use the pctRunOnAll function to run commands on the client and all workers.

    Clear all loaded functions on the client and all workers.

    pctRunOnAll clear functions

    Change the working folder on the client and all workers to the project folder.

    pctRunOnAll cd /opt/projects/c1456

    Add folders to the paths of the client and all workers.

    pctRunOnAll addpath({"/usr/share/path1" "/usr/share/path2"})

    Use the system command to execute the system command hostname on the client and all the workers. Return the output in cmdout.

    pctRunOnAll [~,cmdout] = system("hostname")

    Input Arguments

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    MATLAB command to run, specified as a MATLAB command with any necessary input and output arguments.

    Example: clear functions


    • pctRunOnAll does not support thread-based pools, such as those you create by calling parpool("Threads") and backgroundPool.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2008a