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Export a Dataset to the MATLAB Workspace

Export your dataset to the MATLAB® workspace when:

  • You want to perform further analysis and visualization in the command window.

  • You want to save derived variables and features outside of the app.

  • You want to incorporate features and derived variables into external data files. For example, suppose that you are working through an ensemble datastore, and had elected in Computation Options to write processing results to the local inAppData dataset. At the end of your session, you can export that dataset to the MATLAB workspace. Then, take the steps to incorporate the variables and feature values that you want to retain into your external files from the MATLAB Command Window.

When you export data to the MATLAB workspace, you export the entire dataset that you select, including variables, features, and condition variables.

More Information

For more information on writing in-app data to ensemble datastore files at the command line, see File Ensemble Datastore with Measured Data.