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Export Features to MATLAB Workspace

Export features to the MATLAB® workspace when:

  • You want to perform further analysis and visualization in the command window.

  • You want to save the feature set outside of the app, or export the feature set into a different app.

  • You want to incorporate the features into external data files. For example, suppose that you are working through an ensemble datastore, and had elected in Computation Options to write processing results to the local inAppData dataset. You can export your selected features to the MATLAB workspace. Then take the steps to incorporate the new feature values into your external files from the MATLAB Command Window.

When you export features, the app brings up a selectable list of features to export. The specific list depends on where you execute the export.

  • If you export from the Feature Designer tab, the list is in alphabetical order, with all features preselected. This approach allows you to export all features at once from the main tab. You can also tailor the selections at this level if you know which features you want.

  • If you export from the Feature Ranking tab, the list is in ranked order, based on the ranking method in Features sorted by. In this ranked list, the top five features are preselected. This approach allows you to export only your highest-ranked features. You can also tailor the selections at if you want to export more than the top five features.

You can export your entire dataset, including derived variables and all your features, to the MATLAB workspace as well. To do so, in the Feature Designer tab, use Export > Export a dataset to the MATLAB workspace.

More Information

For more information on writing to ensemble datastore files in the command line, see File Ensemble Datastore with Measured Data.