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Insert image from external file into report


This component inserts an image from an external file into the report. It can have the Chapter/Subsection or Paragraph component as its parent. If the Paragraph component is its parent, you must select the Insert as inline image check box.


  • File name: Specifies the image file name. You can enter this name manually, or use the Browse button (...) to find the image file.

    The image must be in a format that your viewer can read. An error like the following appears if you specify the name of an image file that does not exist:

      No file name.  Could not create graphic.

    This field supports %<VariableName> notation.

  • Copy to local report files directory: Saves a copy of the image to a local report files folder.

Display Options

  • Scaling: Controls size of the image, as displayed in a browser. Making an image larger using this option does not affect the storage size of the image, but the quality of the displayed image may decrease as you increase or decrease the size of the displayed image.

    Generally, to achieve the best and most predictable display results, use the default setting of Use image size.

    • Use image size: Causes the image to appear the same size in the report as on screen (default).

    • Fixed size: Specifies the number and type of units.

    • Zoom: Specifies the percentage, maximum size, and units of measure.

  • Size: Specifies the size of the image in the format [width height]. This field is active only if you choose Fixed size in the Scaling list.

  • Max size: Specifies the maximum size of the image in the format [width height]. This field is active only if you choose Zoom from the Scaling selection list.

  • Units: Specifies the units for the size of the image. This field is active only if you choose Zoom or Fixed size in the Image size selection list.

  • Alignment: Only reports in PDF or RTF format support this property.

    • Auto

    • Right

    • Left

    • Center

  • Title: Specifies text to appear above the snapshot.

  • Caption: Specifies text to appear under the image.

  • Full page image (*PDF only): In PDF reports, scales images to fit the full page, minimizes page margins, and maximizes the size of the image by using either a portrait or landscape orientation.


The image that you specify in the Image file name field appears in this pane. You cannot preview Adobe® PostScript® images, or images with formats that the imread function does not support, such as gif.

Clicking an image causes it to display in full size.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes. Image.