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Nest Setup File

Allow one report setup file (rpt file) to run inside another


This component runs another report setup file at the point where the Nest Setup File component is located in the current report setup file.

The components of the inserted report setup file are stored in the current report setup file at the same level as the Nest Setup File component. Thus, inserted components have the same parent component as the Nest Setup File component.


  • Report filename: Specifies the name of the report setup file to import and run. You can enter a path to the file or use the browse button (...) to find the file. You can enter an absolute path or a relative path, relative to the report into which you nest the report.

  • Nest all reports with specified file name: Nests all reports with the same name as specified in the Report filename option.

  • Inline nested report in this report: Inserts the nested report in the original report setup file where this component is located.

  • Recursion limit: Allows you to nest a report setup file inside itself by setting a recursion limit in this field. The recursion limit sets a limit on the number of times the report setup file can run itself.

  • Insert link to external report: Creates two separate reports, one using the original report setup file and one using the nested report setup file. The report that includes the nested report includes an absolute path link to the nested report.

  • Link to external report is relative: If you select Insert link to external report, then you can use the Link to external report is relative option to ensure the link to the nested report is a relative link. This feature facilitates including the report on a Web site.

  • Increment file name to avoid overwriting: Appends a number to the file name of report that includes the nested report, to preserve earlier versions of current report file.

The Nest Setup File dialog box displays the report description of the nested report, if the nested report has a report description.


In the following example, the report setup file R2 is nested in R1:

[-] Report - R1.rpt                [-] Report - R2.rpt
 [ ] Chapter                              [ ] 1
      [-] B                               [ ] 2
         [ ] Nest Setfile - R2.rpt       [-] Chapter
         [ ] C                              [ ] 4
      [ ] D                                 [ ] 5

The generated report is identical to the one generated by the following report setup file:

    [-] Report - R1.rpt
      [ ] Chapter
      [-] B
         [ ] 1
         [ ] 2
         [-] Section 1
           [ ] 4
           [ ] 5
         [ ] C
      [ ] D
Components that determine their behavior from their parents, such as Chapter/Subsection, are affected by components in the parent report setup file.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes, if the nested report setup file produces a report.