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Report Generation Preferences

Report Generator Preferences Pane

To set defaults for report generation options, use the Report Generator Preferences pane. You can override these preferences with the Report Options dialog box or with individual components.

To specify report generation options for a specific report, in the Report Explorer, use the Report Options dialog box. For details, see Select Report Generation Options.

To open the Report Generator Preferences pane, use one of these approaches:

  • In the Report Explorer, select File > Preferences.

  • From the MATLAB® Toolstrip, in the Home tab, in the Environment section, select Preferences > Report Generator.

File Format and Extension

To specify the default file format for reports, use the Format ID preference. The default preference is web (HTML). You can select from a range of file formats, such as PDF or Microsoft® Word.

If you have Adobe® Acrobat® and acrobat.exe is on your system path, you can set it as the default PDF format. Select a PDF format as the Format ID. Then, replace the command in Command to view with system('acrobat %<FileName>');

The Extension preference reflects the standard file extension for the file format specified with the Format ID preference. You can change the extension.

Image Formats

To set the default image formats associated with the output format for a report, use the following preferences.



Simulink ImagesSpecify the format for Simulink® images to include in the report.
Stateflow ImagesSpecify the format for Stateflow® charts to include in the report.
HG ImagesSpecify the format for Handle Graphics® images to include in the report.


The default preferences for image formats should work in most viewing environments. However, some image formats do not display in some viewing environments.

Several components, such as the Figure Snapshot component, include an option for specifying the image format. The component setting overrides the image format preference.

Report Viewing

To control how you view a generated report, you can set the following preferences.



View command

Specify the MATLAB command you want to use to view the report.

Each file format has an associated default view command preference. You can modify the view command (for example, to support the use of a system browser).

Animate Report Explorer when generating reports

Select this check box if you want components in the Outline pane to be animated as the report generates. This box is selected by default.

To speed up the report generation processing, clear this preference.

Reset to Defaults

To reset the Report Generator™ preferences under Output Format Options, click Reset to Defaults. Resetting to defaults does not affect the options under Preferences.

Edit HTML Command

Enter the command to use to open HTML or PDF template files from the Report Explorer's Document Conversion Template Editor (see Report Templates). The default command opens the files in the MATLAB text editor.

To set this preference to an operating system command, use the MATLAB system command. Use the file name token %<FileName> to specify where in the command the template editor inserts the path to the file to edit. Make sure that the command is on your system path.

This example shows a command that opens Report Generator HTML-based template files in the notepad++ application. The ampersand character (&) executes the command in the background.

system('notepad++  %<FileName> &');