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Generate Reports

Configure Report Explorer report processing, run report

You can generate a MATLAB® Report Generator™ report from the Report Explorer or with a MATLAB command. Before you generate a report, you can set options to control aspects of report generation processing such as the output file format (PDF, HTML, or Microsoft® Word) and the output file location. For details, see Generate a Report.


reportGenerate report from setup file
rptconvertConvert DocBook XML files into supported document formats
docviewView or perform operations on Word document

Report Components

Stop Report GenerationHalt report generation
Time/Date StampInsert time and date of report generation into report
Evaluate MATLAB ExpressionEvaluate specified MATLAB expression
CommentInsert comment into XML source file created by report generation process


Select Report Generation Options

Set options for generated reports using standard Report Explorer reports.

Generate a Report

You can generate a MATLAB Report Generator report using one of these methods:

Report Form

Set options for generated reports using form-based Report Explorer reports.

Generate a Report Using a Template

In Report Explorer, in the outline pane, select the top-level component of the report.

Create a Report Log File

A log file describes the report setup file report-generation settings and components.

Change Report Locale

Versions 2.0 and later of the MATLAB Report Generator and Simulink® Report Generator software use the locale (system language settings) through the Oracle® Java® interface; therefore, they should use the language specified on your system.

Convert XML Documents to Different File Formats

Convert XML source files to generate a given report in a different format.

Report Generation Preferences

To set defaults for report generation options, use the Report Generator Preferences pane.


Troubleshooting Report Generation Issues

How to troubleshoot report-generation issues

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