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Simulink Automatic Table

Insert two-column table with information on selected model, system, signal, or block


This component inserts a two-column table that contains details for the selected model, system, signal, or block into a generated report.


  • Show current: Modeling object to specify properties for.

    • Automatic: Uses the context of the parent loop.

    • Model

    • System

    • Block

    • Annotation

  • Properties list: Specifies whether to have Report Explorer select properties automatically or to list the properties to report on.

    • Determine properties automatically: Let the Report Explorer automatically select the properties to report.

      Modeling Component Selected in the Show current FieldListed Properties
      BlockBlock parameter dialog box prompt properties
    • Show properties: Specify a list of properties to report. Enter the names of object properties that you want the report to include for the modeling object you specified in the Show current field. Use this option to display properties that the Report Explorer does not include automatically.

      Property names often differ from the Simulink® dialog box prompts. Refer to the Simulink documentation to determine property names for blocks, signals, and other modeling objects. You can also use the MATLAB® get command to determine the property names of an object. For example, to determine the property names of the block currently selected in a model, enter the following at the MATLAB command line:


  • Show full path name: Displays the full path of the selected Simulink model.

  • Display property names as prompts: Displays property names as prompts in the generated report. The report includes the dialog box string instead of the underlying code property.

Display Options

  • Table title: Specifies the table title in the generated report.

    • No title: Do not include a title.

    • Name: Automatically generate a title from the parameter.

    • Custom: Specify a custom title.

  • Header row: Select a header row for the table in the generated report.

    • No header: Includes no header row.

    • Type and Name: Includes a header row with columns for name and object type.

    • Custom: Includes a custom header.

  • Don't display empty values: Excludes empty parameters in the generated report.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes. Table.