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Get default summary table title for finder result class

Since R2022a



    tableTitle = getDefaultSummaryTableTitle(resultObject) returns the default summary table title for the finder result class, resultObject.

    tableTitle = getDefaultSummaryTableTitle(resultObject,TypeSpecificTitle=value) indicates whether to return the type-specific table title of the specified object.


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    This example shows how to access the default summary table title for a BlockResult object.

    Import the required namespaces to avoid using long, fully qualified class names.

    import slreportgen.finder.*

    Load the model and search for blocks in the model. For a result object, print the default summary table title.

    model_name = "slrgex_vdp";
    finder = BlockFinder(model_name);
    results = find(finder);
    title1 = getDefaultSummaryTableTitle(results(1),TypeSpecificTitle=true)
    title1 = 
    "Constant Block Properties"
    title2 = getDefaultSummaryTableTitle(results(2),TypeSpecificTitle=false)
    title2 = 
    "Block Properties"

    Input Arguments

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    Finder result object for which to return the default summary table title, specified as an object of finder result class.

    Whether to return a type-specific summary table title which is specific to the Type property of the finder result object, specified as true or false.

    Output Arguments

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    Default summary table title for finder result object, returned as a string array. Depending on the finder result class, the possible table titles are:

    Finder Result ClassTable title with TypeSpecificTitle set to trueTable title with TypeSpecificTitle set to false
    slreportgen.finder.BlockResult<Block Type> Block PropertiesBlock Properties
    slreportgen.finder.DataDictionaryResultData DictionariesData Dictionaries
    slreportgen.finder.DiagramElementResult<Object Type> PropertiesObject Properties
    slreportgen.finder.DiagramResult<Diagram Type> PropertiesSystem Properties
    slreportgen.finder.ModelVariableResultModel VariablesModel Variables
    slreportgen.finder.SignalResultSignal PropertiesSignal Properties

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022a