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Get link target ID of reporter object associated with the finder result object

Since R2022a



    targetID = getReporterLinkTargetID(resultObject) returns the link target ID of the reporter associated with the finder result object, resultObject. Use the link target ID to add a hyperlink to the reporter from any part of the report.


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    This example shows how to access the link target ID for the reporter associated to a finder result object.

    Run the following command to access the supporting files used in this example.


    Import the required packages to avoid using long, fully qualified class names.

    import slreportgen.finder.*

    Load the model and search for signals in the model. For each result object, print the reporter link target ID.

    model_name = "slrgex_vdp";
    finder = SignalFinder(model_name);
    results = find(finder);
    for result = results
        targetID = getReporterLinkTargetID(result)
    targetID =
    targetID =

    Use these link target IDs to reference the reporters in your report.

    Input Arguments

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    Result object for which to find reporter target link ID, specified as an object of a finder result class.

    Output Arguments

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    Link target ID of the reporter associated with the finder result object, specified as a string scalar.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022a