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Get property values of model variable and model variable finder result objects

Since R2022a



    propVals = getPropertyValues(resultObject,propNames) returns the values of the properties specified in propNames for the model variable finder result object, resultObject. propNames must have the names of the properties of the finder result object or the model variable represented by the finder result object..


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    Find the property values for the model variables in the slrgex_sf_car model.

    Run the following command to access the supporting files used in this example.


    Import the required packages to avoid using long, fully qualified class names.

    import slreportgen.finder.*

    Load the required model and search for the model variables in the model. For each result object, print the associated Bytes property.

    model_name = 'slrgex_sf_car';
    finder = ModelVariableFinder(model_name);
    results = find(finder);
    for result = results

    Input Arguments

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    Finder result object, specified as an slreportgen.finder.ModelVariableResult object.

    List of properties values to access, specified as a string array or cell array of characters.

    Valid propNames elements are:

    If propNames contains invalid properties, the corresponding cell array value is N/A.

    Output Arguments

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    Values of the accessed properties, returned as a cell array.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022a