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Event-Based Scheduling

Asynchronous event handling, rate transitions, timers, event data

Models can include blocks for generating code that handles asynchronous events, such as:

  • Hardware-generated interrupts

  • Elapsed timers

  • Asynchronous read and write operations

  • Asynchronous tasks spawned by a real-time operating system (RTOS)

For simulation, you can import asynchronous event data into a function-call subsystem.


Asynchronous Task SpecificationSpecify priority of asynchronous task represented by referenced model triggered by asynchronous interrupt
Async InterruptGenerate Versa Module Eurocard (VME) interrupt service routines (ISRs) that execute downstream subsystems or Task Sync blocks
Task SyncRun code of downstream function-call subsystem or Stateflow chart by spawning an example RTOS (VxWorks) task


Asynchronous Events

Design models that support execution of blocks in response to events that occur asynchronously to the periodic timing source of the system.

Rate Transitions and Asynchronous Blocks

Use Rate Transition blocks to handle data transfers to and from asynchronous blocks.

Generate Interrupt Service Routines

Generate an interrupt service routine (ISR) that is associated with a specific VME interrupt level.

Spawn and Synchronize Execution of RTOS Task

Simulate and generate code for asynchronous events on a multitasking, real-time operating system (VxWorks®).

Pass Asynchronous Events in RTOS as Input To a Referenced Model

Generate code for a model that triggers asynchronous events that get passed as input to a referenced model.

Timers in Asynchronous Tasks

Maintain absolute and elapsed timing data for blocks that execute in the context of an asynchronous task with the code generator.

Create a Customized Asynchronous Library

Create custom blocks that support handling of asynchronous events with vxlib1 library blocks as templates.

Import Asynchronous Event Data for Simulation

Import asynchronous event data into a function-call subsystem.

Asynchronous Support Limitations

Limitations of asynchronous event support.