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Link Budget Analysis

Satellite link budget analysis and path propagation loss

Satellite Communications Toolbox provides link budget analysis capabilities and RF propagation models.

  • Use Satellite Link Budget Analyzer app to analyze, design, and visualize a link budget for satellite communications.

  • Model RF propagation paths to calculate atmospheric loss for a signal.


Satellite Link Budget AnalyzerAnalyze link budgets for satellite communications (Since R2021a)


p618PropagationLossesCalculate Earth-space propagation losses, cross-polarization discrimination, and sky noise temperature (Since R2021a)
p618SiteDiversityOutageCalculate outage probability due to rain attenuation with site diversity (Since R2021a)
satelliteCNRCarrier-to-noise ratio for configured satellite link budget parameters (Since R2022b)


p618ConfigCreate P.618 configuration object (Since R2021a)
p618SiteDiversityConfigCreate P.618 site diversity configuration object (Since R2021a)
satelliteCNRConfigCarrier-to-noise ratio configuration parameters (Since R2022b)