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Two-phase fluid mass and volumetric flow rate, pressure, temperature sensor blocks

This library contains two-phase fluid sensors. These blocks output physical signals, not regular Simulink® signals. For information on how to connect these blocks to Simulink scopes or other Simulink blocks, see Connecting Simscape Diagrams to Simulink Sources and Scopes.

Simscape Blocks

Mass & Energy Flow Rate Sensor (2P) Measure mass and energy flow rates
Pressure & Internal Energy Sensor (2P) Measure pressure and specific internal energy differences
Saturation Properties Sensor (2P)Measure liquid and vapor saturation properties in two-phase fluids
Thermodynamic Properties Sensor (2P) Measure temperature, specific enthalpy, specific entropy, and specific volume
Vapor Quality Sensor (2P) Measure vapor fraction in two-phase fluids
Volumetric Flow Rate Sensor (2P)Measure volumetric flow rate