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Configure and View Diagnostics

View diagnostics for models, configure and customize diagnostic checks, understand diagnostic viewer layout

Simulink® provides diagnostic messages when certain conditions are detected during a Simulink operation on a model. The diagnostic messages are captured under error, information, or warning categories.

The diagnostic messages you encounter during a command-line operation are displayed in the Command Window, while those you encounter during a Simulink user interface operation are displayed in the Diagnostic Viewer. For example, if you use the command sim(bdroot) at the MATLAB® command prompt to simulate a model, the diagnostics messages are displayed in the Command Window. However, if you run a simulation from the Simulink Toolstrip, the diagnostic messages are displayed in the Diagnostic Viewer.

You can customize the diagnostic messages, and also customize the conditions the software checks to either produce errors or warnings.

The diagnostics for model are displayed in the Diagnostic Viewer user interface. To know more about the Diagnostic Viewer, see Diagnostic Viewer.

You can also add Model Verification blocks to your model, to check the condition of specific signals. To know more about Model Verification, see topics listed under Run Model Advisor Checks.


sldiagnosticsDisplay diagnostic information of Simulink system
Simulink.restoreDiagnosticRestore diagnostic warnings to a specific block, subsystem, or model
Simulink.suppressDiagnosticSuppress a diagnostic from a specific block
Simulink.getSuppressedDiagnostics Return Simulink.SuppressedDiagnostic objects associated with a block, subsystem, or model


Simulink.SuppressedDiagnosticSuppress diagnostic messages from a specified block


Diagnostic ViewerView and diagnose errors and warnings generated by Simulink models


Diagnostic Viewer

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