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Generate MATLAB function report

Since R2021a



    report = getReport(config) returns the MATLABFunctionReport object for a MATLAB Function block. Use the MATLABFunctionReport object to access information about the functions and variables used by the MATLAB Function block.


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    Access the MATLABFunctionConfiguration object for the MATLAB Function block in the model call_stats_block2 described in Implement MATLAB Functions in Simulink with MATLAB Function Blocks.

    config = get_param("call_stats_block2/MATLAB Function", ...

    Create the MATLABFunctionReport object for the MATLAB Function block.

    report = getReport(config);

    Access the coder.Function objects in the report.

    functions = report.Functions;

    Create a custom report that lists the functions and variables in the MATLAB Function block.

    for i = 1:numel(functions)
        fprintf("Function %s uses these variables:\n",functions(i).Name)
        variables = functions(i).Variables;
        for j = 1:numel(variables)
            fprintf("%d. %s -- %s\n",j,variables(j).Name,variables(j).Scope)
    Function stats uses these variables:
    1. mean -- Output
    2. stdev -- Output
    3. vals -- Input
    4. len -- Local
    Function avg uses these variables:
    1. mean -- Output
    2. array -- Input
    3. size -- Input

    Input Arguments

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    MATLAB Function block property configuration, specified as a MATLABFunctionConfiguration object.


    The first time that you create a MATLABFunctionReport object or open the MATLAB function report, Simulink® automatically updates your model. If you make subsequent changes to the MATLAB code in the block, you must update your model before you generate a new MATLABFunctionReport object. Otherwise, the object does not reflect your changes. From the Modeling tab, select Update Model, or use the Ctrl+D keyboard shortcut. If you are in the MATLAB Function Block Editor, update the model by using the Ctrl+Shift+D keyboard shortcut instead.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021a