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Query contents of Simulink cache files

Since R2020b



info = slxcinfo(filename) creates a MATLAB® table that lists the contents of the specified Simulink® cache file. The table information includes the corresponding Simulink model name, MATLAB release, platform, and target type.


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Suppose you have a Simulink cache file named model.slxc. To return a table that lists the artifacts in the Simulink cache file, you would enter:

info = slxcinfo('model.slxc')
info =

  7×4 table

     Model     Release     Platform                  Target              
    _______    ________    ________    __________________________________

    "model"    "R2020a"    "all"       "Variable usage information"      
    "model"    "R2020a"    "win64"     "Rapid accelerator target"        
    "model"    "R2020a"    "win64"     "Accelerator target"              
    "model"    "R2020b"    "all"       "Variable usage information"      
    "model"    "R2020b"    "win64"     "Rapid accelerator target"        
    "model"    "R2020b"    "win64"     "Accelerator target"              
    "model"    "R2020b"    "win64"     "grt | Top model | Model specific"

Input Arguments

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Name or path of the Simulink cache file, including the .slxc extension, specified as a character vector or string scalar.

Example: slxcinfo('model.slxc')

Data Types: char | string

Output Arguments

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Simulink cache file contents, returned as a MATLAB table.

Alternative Functionality

In the Current Folder browser, double-click the Simulink cache file to open the Simulink cache report.

Version History

Introduced in R2020b