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App Options

Package name

All Android applications have a full Java-language-style package name. The package name must be unique. To avoid conflicts with other developers, use internet domain ownership, in the reverse order, as the basis for your package name. For example, com.mydomain.myappname.

This parameter appears in the App options group of the Target Hardware Resources pane when the Hardware board parameter is set to Android® Device.


Default: com.example

Create Android library module for Simulink model

Create an Android library module to integrate an algorithm developed in Simulink® into an existing Android application. Use this option instead of creating Android application packages (APK) to integrate the algorithm.


Default: disabled

Create 64 bit library as well

Select the option to build a 64-bit APK along with the 32-bit APK for your Android device.

Clear the option to create only a 32-bit APK for your Android device.


Default: disabled


To enable this option, set Hardware board to Android Device.