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External Mode

External mode enables Simulink® on the host computer to communicate with the deployed model on the Parrot® minidrone during runtime. This feature helps you to tune the parameters and perform real-time monitoring of the model running on the drone.


Do not change any of the default settings for the External mode parameters.

Communication interface

Select the transport layer that the External mode uses to exchange data between the host computer and the Parrot minidrone.



IP address

Set the IP address of the Parrot minidrone.


Default: For Parrot Rolling Spider –

Default: For Parrot Mambo –


Set the value of the TCP/IP port number. External mode uses this port for communication between the Parrot minidrone and host computer.


Default: 17725


Select this check box to view the External mode execution progress and updates in the Diagnostic Viewer or in the MATLAB® Command Window.

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