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Build options

Build action

Specify whether you want only build or build, load, and run actions during code generation.


Default: Build, load and run


Build the code during the build process.

Build, load and run

Build, load, and to run the generated code during the build process.

Build directory

Enter the build directory where the Simulink model is deployed. This folder contains a symbolic link to the deployed executable. For example, if you specify Build directory as /home/pi, the support package adds a folder structure, /MATLAB_ws/R2020a, inside your Build directory, where MATLAB_ws is the workspace directory and R2020a is the release version of MATLAB®. This folder contains a symbolic link that points to the actual location of the deployed executable.

When you use the Support Package Installer to update the hardware board firmware, the Support Package Installer automatically applies the value you entered there to this parameter.


Default: /home/pi

Run on boot

Select this option to automatically start the deployed model every time you restart the hardware. For more information, see Automatically Run Simulink Model on Raspberry Pi After Restart.


Default: Off

Enable parallel build

Specify whether to automatically build the generated code and driver source code in parallel wherever possible, thus reducing the time taken to build models. When you do not select this parameter, Simulink® compiles the code sequentially.


Default: On