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Share Project on GitHub

To share your project, you can make your project publicly available on GitHub®. You must first have a GitHub account.

You can share any project. Sharing adds Git™ source control to the open project. If your project is already under source control, sharing replaces the source control configuration with Git, and the project’s remote repository is GitHub.


If you do not want to change your current source control in the open project, share a copy of the project instead. To create a copy to share, see Archive Projects.

  1. With a project loaded, on the Project tab, select Share > Change Share Options.

  2. Add the GitHub option to your Share menu. In the Manage Sharing dialog box, select GitHub and click Close.

  3. Select Share > GitHub.

  4. In the Create GitHub Repository dialog box, enter your GitHub user name and personal access token, and edit the name for the new repository. Click Create.

    A warning prompts you to confirm that you want to create a public repository and modify the current project’s remote repository location. To continue, click Yes.

  5. The Create GitHub Repository dialog box displays the URL address for your new repository. Click the link to view the new repository on the GitHub website. The repository contains the initial commit of your project files.

  6. The source control in your current project now references the new repository on GitHub as the remote repository. To use the project with the new repository, in the Create GitHub Repository dialog box, click Reload Project.

In the project, you can find the URL address for your remote repository on the Project tab, under Source Control, using the Git Details button.

If you have not already set up Git, you need some additional setup steps before you can merge branches. You can use other Git functionality without any additional installation. See Set Up Git Source Control.

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