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Create Standalone FMU

Generate standalone Functional Mockup Unit from Simulink models using FMU Builder for Simulink®

Use the FMU Builder for Simulink support package to create a Functional Mockup Unit (FMU) from Simulink models or C/C++ code.

Debug FMU that contains its source code using an external debugger. See, Debug FMU with Source Code Using External Debugger.


exportToFMUExport Simulink model to functional mock-up unit (FMU) (Since R2023b)
Simulink.SFunctionBuilder.generateFMUGenerate FMU compatible with FMI 3.0 standards from C/C++ code using S-Function Builder block (Since R2023b)
Simulink.fmuexport.GetExportableVariableListGet the list of exportable inputs, outputs, parameters, and internal variables for a model that is to be exported as an FMU (Since R2020a)