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Verifiable Linear System Characteristics

The following table summarizes the linear system characteristics you can specify bounds on and assert that the bounds are satisfied during simulation.

Block Plot TypeBounds on…
Check Bode CharacteristicsBodeUpper and lower Bode magnitude
Check Gain and Phase Margins
  • Bode

  • Nichols

  • Nyquist

  • Table

Gain and phase margins
Check Nichols CharacteristicsNichols
  • Open-loop gain and phase

  • Closed-loop peak gain

Check Pole-Zero CharacteristicsPole-ZeroApproximate second-order characteristics, such as settling time, percent overshoot, damping ratio and natural frequency, on the pole locations
Check Singular Value CharacteristicsSingular ValueUpper and lower singular values
Check Linear Step Response CharacteristicsStep ResponseStep response characteristics

Specify the bounds in the Bounds tab of the block's Block Parameters dialog box or programmatically. For more information, see the corresponding block reference pages.