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Select Subsystem

Select subsystem to include in coverage analysis

Model Configuration Pane: Coverage


The Select Subsystem parameter specifies the path to the subsystem for which Simulink® Coverage™ collects coverage data.

Click Select Subsystem to open the Subsystem Selection dialog box. Select the subsystem for which you want coverage.

Subsystem Selection dialog box shows the top model and the subsystem hierarchy beneath it.


To enable this parameter, select the Enable coverage analysis parameter and set the Scope of coverage analysis parameter to Subsystem.


no default

In the Subsystem Selection dialog box, select the subsystem for which you want coverage.

Programmatic Use

Parameter: CovPath
Type: character vector | string
Value: Path to the subsystem, relative to the top-level Simulink system. Do not include the top-level Simulink system. For example, 'subsystem1/subsystem2'. Specify '/' to collect coverage for the entire system.
Default: '/'.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a