Time-Domain Model Verification

This example shows how to perform time-domain model verification using Simulink® Design Optimization™ Model Verification blocks. During time-domain verification, the software monitors a signal to check if it meets time-domain characteristics such as step response characteristics and upper and lower amplitudes, or tracks a reference signal.

You can also use blocks from Simulink and Simulink Control Design™ Model Verification libraries to design complex assertion logic for time- and frequency-domain verification, and signal monitoring. You can construct simulation tests for your model using the Verification Manager tool in the Signal Builder.

  1. Open Simulink model.

    sys = 'sldo_model1_stepblk';

    The model includes a Step Response block which is a Check Step Response Characteristics block from the Simulink Design Optimization Model Verification library and has default step response bounds.

  2. In the Simulink Editor, click Simulation > Run.

    The block asserts multiple times during simulation because the signal to which the block is connected violates the specified bounds. Assertion warnings appear in the MATLAB® command window.

You can optimize model parameters to satisfy the bounds and eliminate assertion warnings. See Design Optimization to Meet Step Response Requirements (GUI).