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When to Use Optimization-Based Linear Control Design

When you have Control System Toolbox™ software installed, you can design and optimize control systems for LTI models by optimizing controller parameters in the Control System Designer (Control System Toolbox) app. To use optimization methods for linear control design, also known as optimization-based tuning, you must already have an initial controller. You can then use optimization-based tuning to refine the controller design to meet additional design requirements. For more information on designing controllers, see the Control System Toolbox documentation.


Optimization-based tuning only changes the value of the controller parameters and not the controller structure itself.

Optimization-based tuning provides flexibility in terms of specifying additional design requirements for the controller. When you have a large number of design requirements, you can first design an initial controller by selecting a subset of requirements and subsequently select additional requirements to refine the design.

Optimization-based tuning also provides flexibility in terms of selecting a subset of controller parameters to optimize, and specifying bounds on the controller parameters.

To design linear controllers for Simulink® models using optimization-based tuning, you must first linearize the model using the Simulink Control Design™ software. For more information on linearizing Simulink models, see the Simulink Control Design documentation.

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